Jennifer McCluskey grew up in Nashville, TN and has lived in various places around the country from North Carolina, to Washington, DC, to upstate New York. She has enjoyed all the many various photographic opportunities that these diverse regions have offered her. Jennifer has a BA from Duke University and a Master’s Degree from the Catholic University of America.

Jennifer has been a photographer all her life since she started taking pictures as a child on her Fisher Price camera. She continued learning about documentary photography during her stint on the Yearbook staff in high school, and began to explore more creative photography in college. She moved to the North Country in August 2008 when her husband got a job at St. Lawrence University in Canton, NY as the Coordinator of Academic Support.

Jennifer began her career as a professional photographer due to the desire to share her photography with others. After several years of working as a therapist, Jennifer saw that far too many people miss the small moments of beauty in their lives, instead thinking too much on the negatives in the world. This insight led Jennifer into a professional career in photography as she sought to show other people the beauty she finds through the lens of her camera. The mission of McCluskey Photography is to express and to share with others both the large and small moments of beauty in life that make it worth living. These can be as obvious as the smile of a bride on her wedding day and the view from the top of an Adirondack mountain, or as understated as the sight of a tractor in a field when the sun strikes it just right.

If you would like to learn more about how Jennifer's unique photographic vision could contribute to your life, contact her at by email at [email protected] or by phone at 315-244-5220.